Westinghouse (Northrop Grumman) AN/TPS 63 Radar Systems - Maintenance, Overhaul, Modernization, and Upgrade


Bearing in mind the technological and generational similarities between AN/TPS-63 and AN/TPS-70 radar systems, as well as the fact that they originate from the same manufacturer - their maintenance problematics is also very similiar.

During the exploitation of the AN/TPS-63 radar systems by the Serbian Air Force and Air Defence, MTT-INFIZ provided technical assistance in the form of overhaul and maintenance, as well as the supply of necessary spare parts, on numerous occasions.

The services that MTT-INFIZ provides for the AN/TPS-63 radar systems are listed in the text below.

Maintenance, overhaul, and servicing:

• Entire radar system
• Parts of the radar system, according to the special request of the end-user
• Individual radar assemblies

Supply of the spare parts, testing, and servicing, among other include:

• Procurement and installation of CFA (Crossed-Field Amplifier)
• Procurement and installation of TWT (Traveling-Wave Tube)
• Procurement and installation of Tetrode

Modification and modernization, among other include:

• Procurement of a new IFF radar and its integration into the radar system
• Manufacturing and integration of the MTT-INFIZ Digital PPI
• The modification kit for installing an LNA in the radar receiver

(We especially emphasize that the company MTT-INFIZ has developed a family of LNAs for radar receivers in the frequency range from 1250 MHz to 9 GHz. All LNAs are realized in solid-state technology and have very low consumption.)

Overhaul and repair of individual assemblies, among other include:

• Air conditioners
• Coaxial waveguides
• High-power circulators
• High-voltage regulators
• Liquid cooling systems