To modernize and upgrade different types of radar systems, our company designed and developed the MTT-INFIZ Digital PPI. This device has been successfully integrated and tested on numerous radar systems (Westinghouse AN/TPS-63 and AN/TPS-70 radar systems, Marconi S-600 radar systems, P-series radar systems, marine radar systems, training simulators, etc.).

Basic properties of the MTT-INFIZ Digital PPI:

- Universal;
- Reliable;
- Ergonomic;
- Programmable;
- Upgradeable;
- Made from modern components;
- Intuitive interface;
- User-friendly.

The MTT-INFIZ Digital PPI enables:

- Display of analog video signals;
- Display of synthetic symbols and data;
- Display of video maps;
- Measuring and display of relative coordinates between targets;
- Automatic target tracking with automatic guidance.

Video maps:

- Range and bearing markers;
- Borders;
- Geographic data (cities, rivers, coastlines, etc);
- Airports, air corridors;
- Possibility of inserting additional maps at the end-user's


- Radar tracker;
- Automatic guidance;
- Training simulator;
- Recording and reproduction of radar observation data.