Medical Equipment - Maintenance, and Overhaul

The company MTT-INFIZ has rich experience in the maintenance and overhaul of medical equipment. Over the years, our services have been used by some of the leading national institutions in the field of medicine (Institute for Mother and Child Health Care of Serbia "Dr. Vukan Čupić", Institute for Medical Research, etc.). Some of the services provided are listed below.

Maintenance and overhaul of neonatal incubators:

• replacement of parts;
• overhaul of electronic subassemblies;
• overhaul of power supply subassemblies;
• overhaul of mechanical subassemblies;
• overhaul of hood;
• final testing.

Overhaul of "Magstim" magnetic stimulation device:

• replacement of parts;
• detection and service of faulty electronic boards.