- Microwave Technology, Radar Technology, Industrial Electronics -

MTT INFIZ was founded in 1991, as a high-tech spin-off company of the Institute of Physics (University of Belgrade). With more than 30 years of experience, MTT INFIZ today represents a highly specialized SME, widely recognized not only in the domestic market but in foreign markets as well

Our expertise primarily considers radar technology. We provide a complete servicing of military and civil radars, overhaul, development & production of replacement parts, on-demand customized solutions & modernization, testing, maintenance, and know-how. Our team of experienced radar experts also provides training & education for operators, supported by appropriate seminars, classes, manuals & instructions (at our facilities, or at the site). Our successful, more than three decades long, track record among others includes working on Westinghouse AN/TPS-70 radar systems, Westinghouse AN/TPS-63 radar systems, Marconi S-600 series of radar systems, Soviet P series of radar systems, various types of meteorological and marine radars, etc.

Besides our core field of expertise, we also provide on-demand customized solutions in the fields of microwave technology and industrial electronics for both, military and civil applications. Our well-equiped mechanical and electronic workshops, enable us to successfully design, manufacture (small series) and implement solutions considering power, digital and analog electronics, microwave technology, etc. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians guarantees our ability to successfully cope with any demand of our potential clients. In addition to that, we have a strong network of local partners (including sister company dealing with optics, lasers, and sensory equipment), with a long tradition of cooperation.