Modification – Modernization of missile systems


The logarithmic  receiver  is  for th guided missile  system  (SA-2,3...),  and  other  similar systems operating under the conditions of very low signal  to  noise  ratio.
It  is  fully  build  with  solid  state  technology  and  VLSI  circuits,  which  enables  high reliability and working stability.

High frequency amplifier as replacement for the traveling wave tube (TWT/LBV)

The most efficient improvement in radar system receiver nowadays  is  replacement  of  an  existing  input  amplifier made  of  travelling  wave  tube  with  the  semiconductor transistor  amplifier.
The replacement of travelling wave tubes with a low noise amplifier made from microwave transistors has the following advantages:

  • unlimited life time
  • increased signal to noise ratio
  • higher power gain
  • significantly smaller size
  • lower operating voltages 
  • reduced power consumption
  • reduced weight   ( < 500 gram)

Integration of thermo vision automatic tracking into radar anti-air-defense missile systems

Day and night TV sight systems for air defense provide wide range detection without the dangers normally associated with radars application. These systems are used together with laser range finders in a TV/Laser assembly. The range of detection is extended by using a Thermal sight unit and Thermal electronic unit.

The integration of thermo vision automatic tracking into radar anti-air defense missile systems »NEVA« and »KUB« (SA2, SA3….).