Meteorological radars, Weather stations


MTT-INFIZ maintains and services Meteorological radars and provides:

Za meteorološke radare MTT-INFIZ može da ponudi:

● Radar repair, maintenance, overhaul and upgrade
● Spare parts provisio
● Modification and modernization of assemblies
● Magnetrons testing and regeneration

● New and alternative magnetron supply

Automatic meteorological station (AMeS)

Main AMeS configuration consists of

1.  Sensors
 - Wind monitor (speed and direction)
 - Air temperature
 - Barometric pressure
 - Relative humidity
 - Ground temperature
 - Tipping bucket rain gauge
 - Direct solar radiation
 - Reflected solar radiation

2.  Power supplies

3. Software

Configured to Customer requirements

High data accuracy and durability

Performs measurement, recording, analysis, conversion, distribution meteorological parameters and alarms to preset values